Thursday, 15 June 2017

Knotted cable chain stitch

TAST stitch 86

              This is a more versatile stitch.Easy to learn because its a combination of cable chain and oyster stitch. Thanks to Sharon for sharing this stitch.Work from top to bottom. Bring the needle to the front of the fabric and insert (2) diagonally down the point 1 and take out at 3 or instead do an alternating chain stitch.

Without piercing the fabric , slip the needle under first thread.To say, simply make a slip knot as you would do for oyster stitch
Gently pull the needle until the knot becomes firm
Insert the needle needle above the slip knot and take a short fabric along the line. Loop  thread around the needle and gently pull the needle .
Repeat  the stitches down the first chain as shown

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Laced herringbone stitch -Herringbone variation 4

This is one of the easiest variation and a quick method to add further decoration to the stitch.

Step 1
      Work a row of   of herringbone stitch.

Step 2
      Work lacing from left to right.  With the same or contrasting thread and a blunt needle, bring needle up at 1.  Without piercing fabric, thread needle downward under first arm and upward under second arm, forming a loop around first intersection. Repeat as shown.  

Happy stitching!!!!