Monday, 7 December 2015

TAST -Whipped wheel stitch

Hi friends.. Here is my whipped wheel stitch sample done for TAST.for one half of the wreath , I used pearl cotton thread and 6 km satin thread for the other. The roses or done with modified whipped wheel stitch. I'll publish the tutorial soon..

TAST - Satin stitch

Satin stitch...
A simple line stitch, though a beginner's stitch , this can create wonders. Can be done horizontally, vertically or diagonal.most of the time this is used as filling is my satin stitch sample done for TAST

Saturday, 5 December 2015

TAST -Couching stitch

My couching stitch sample.
For this motif , I couched two rows of pearl chain,
 line three is metallic pink couched with outline stitch,
line four is couched using cross stitch
Line five is couched with three buttonhole stitches at regular intervals,
For filing the centre I used rim zim thread, finally 
The inner wheel is done by circular couching stitch
This is a fun filled work!!!!

Monday, 28 September 2015

TAST - running stitch

Hello friends...
Running stitch- feels very simple. For now I didn't try this .  but this stitch is wonderful to explore. Simple yet elegant. I also used running stitch for filling. It turned good and I enjoyed stitching...

Friday, 25 September 2015

TAST- chain stitch

Hello friends.
Chain stitch is very simple and elegant.this stitch can be worked as an outline or sometimes a filling stitch.
For this sample I selected a geometric pattern.this looks simple but took more time and effort. It was more like solving a puzzle. A stitch fun to say.

Friday, 18 September 2015

TAST- chevron stitch sample

Hello friends..
TAST- take a stitch tuesday
Week - 6 challenge is chevron stitch, a more versatile stitch.I've used chevron stitch in lattice band here and fill it with star stitch... This is really a stitch fun..

Thursday, 17 September 2015

TAST- detached chain stitch

Hello friends...
Here is the sample of detached chain stitch.this is a simple stitch but can create good for flowers and leaves.for  the butterfly I combined detached chain and spider web stitch and rest of the work is detached chain.

TAST - Couching stitch

Hello friends...
Here I'm sharing my Take a stitch Tuesday - couching sample.. For this , I 've used pearl strand and metallic thread...

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tutu dress


   This is my first tutu trial... Luckily came well..Tutu is a ballet skirt made of layered stiff but light netting.this  involves no machine... Just a technique with manual stitch...

   Here I used manually cut 6 inches wide netting but readily available tutu spools can also be used...
These tutu spools are much costlier and available  online. Manually cutting a net is difficult.. But u can make it easy using a pattern board.. Roll it with the board of required height and cut two sides. You will get  sharpened edges rather cutting each single strip..
 The flowers for the shoulder is a kanzashi.....

Finally .. Thank you Sathya for your support on making this tutu.....

Friday, 10 July 2015

Aari peacock

Hi friends...

A Symbol of pride, beauty and elegance.....fits to both antique and modern art..... I'm really crazy for peacock designs..... Here I've used crystals, glass beads and jewellery stones for the body part...
And feathers stitched using  leaf stitch....

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Crocheted hair band

Hair band from your quilt box

Hello friends.... 

Most of our quilt boxes will be filled with mixture of crystals and beads .this tutorial  shows you how to make use of these beads and to transform into a beautiful hair band...

Material needed:
Crochet hook 6 mm
Hair band base
Anchor crochet thread

Step 1
flock beads of multiple colours into crochet thread.
Tie one end of the thread to the band base and make a slip knot

 Step 2
before you crochet tie the base around any cylindrical object as shown
Step 3
Take some beads and do a single crochet(sc) around the base and again a sc
Repeat step3 until you reach the starting point

To complete tie both ends of the thread firmly and stick using a lighter .

Saturday, 11 April 2015


hand smocking

Hand smocking pattern 1

smocking is a kind of fabric manipulation.... a technique used to gather fabric over pleats to embellish the item...this is a decorative needlework with no limits..
here is a simple pattern for beginners... i 've used this pattern on my daughters frock.. sorry for the little imperfection.....

this is the smocking pattern

 initially , mark pattern on the reverse side of the fabric with equal intervals...... i've used 1 inch interval

 for your convenience i  made markings ...
 join 1 and 2 with needle and thread.... knot it
 without tightening 2 and 3  ... join 3 and 4
 complete each parallel columns

finally, your fabric appears like this on the front side