Thursday, 1 January 2015

Oyster flower stitch!

This stitch  looks very beautiful for flower buds especially… this oyster flower stitch has slight variation  which makes the petals…
The stitch starts with a twisted chain….
 Bring the thread from back, then insert the needle at an angle left to it as shown.
  Make twisted loop around the needle and this forms a twisted chain
Take the needle out, piercing the fabric, but don’t make the loop so tight.
This time without piercing the fabric pass the thread under the loop as illustrated.

Make a second loop as before, now insert the needle from the bottom of the twisted knot and take it out above the knot .this makes a lazy daisy.Go down the fabric above the second loop.

 This stitch should be slight longer depending on the size of the petal
take the needle  out from the bottom , again make loop under the previous stitch  and the bottom knot.. this time you are not piercing the fabric… don’t make this so tight or too loose. Just weave under the two stitches in a circular motion .. make three to five rounds  and finally  finish the stitch under  the petal as shown

 this stitch makes one petal. continue with multiple petals....

The final flower looks like this.
I outlined the flower with bullion knot

hope u love this..
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