Tuesday, 20 January 2015

ribbon embroidery

Ribbon flower stitch

for today, this flower is done using 6 mm nylon ribbon...u can also use any kind of ribbons like silk and satin as available....
the stitch is simple straight stitch... but the thing to remember is to avoid any loops and turns in the ribbon as you work..
be cautious that you should not hurt the ribbon anywhere while stitching as it totally makes your work unfair
for the selection of fabric .... use cotton or poly cotton... fabrics like chiffon or crepe.... they don't support this work
lets go to the stitch......
take ribbon of required length and needle it at one and and knot at the other....

very importantly seal the ends using a lighter and press gently with your fingertips on both the ends... this prevents your ribbon from worning out....

take out the needle piercing the fabric from the center and pull it gently without spoiling the fabric

 hold the ribbon with your fingertips and make a straight stitch.. make sure to avoid loops and turns.

Make straight stitches and complete outer layer of the flower

 make the inner layer of the flower with straight stitches with length smaller than the outer layer

final flower looks like this....


 to complete the stitch on the reverse side of the fabric... make a knot...seal it using a lighter and press with other side of the lighter over the stitches as shown


with regards,
Parimala Dinesh