Saturday, 16 January 2016

Mariposa costume

I made this costume for a fancy dress competition of my daughter. Easy to make and gives an elegant look.

Materials required for wings
Card board
Bronze wire of 5mm
Golden supernet fabric
Silk thread
Acrylic paints
1/2 inch elastic

Draw and cut  a wing pattern on cardboard

Using the cardboard as base make two pieces of wings using bronze wire.
Please note: bronze wires are easy to mould.
Handle it soft and slight bend upon the card board base, this  is more than enough.if possible weld both ends of the wire for more support.

Join wings together using two small pieces of bronze wire. Stitch elastic on both sides by hand.Keep this aside.

Draw and cut the golden fabric which should be half a
n inch bigger than the cardboard pattern.tailor one side of the wings using machine on the reverse side of fabric.pull inside out this wings.                                                                

Insert the wire mould into the stitched wings and stitch the remaining portion by hand. Do this both side of wings.

Finally paint using acrylic colours and allow to dry.