Wednesday, 27 January 2016

No stitch embroidery

No stitch embroidery technique  If you are a beginner or you do not know embroidery techniques, don’t worry.
Here is a technique to enrich your costumes. The result is so good compared to aari work or hand embroidery. It consumes less time and easier too.
Materials required

Choice of material
Embroidery foam
Fabric glue
Marker (air or water)
Stone chains
Crystal stones
Initially draw or transfer your designs to the fabric

To this particular design, stick one of the crystal stones to the centre.

Glue around the crystal

Stick one end of stone chain and gently wind around the center and trim it. If you are a beginner, initially trim the chain to required length and then stick it out.

To glue the zardoshi please note add glue to sides of the stone chain and not to fabric.

Add stones one after the other of your choice for third layer.

By this way you can add multiple layers according to your wish.