Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Magic bobbin edging stitch

Fancy bobbin edging stitch is a variation of buttonhole stitch. Thanks to Sharon Boggan for introducing this stitch on TAST. I tried this using twin needles. As magic chain stitch, this too is fun filled. A wonderful decorative stitch for needlepoint edges,piling two layers and necklines.

you can create beautiful variations by altering height of each stitch.
let's do magic bobbin edging....

Do the stitch from left to right...
Take two needles ,each threaded with a different colour.
Step 1: take out needle 1 piercing the fabric. hold the thread firmly with one finger.
Step 2:take out needle 2 adjacent to needle 1 , hold this thread above by leaving behind the previous.
Step 3: make a buttonhole stitch with needle 1 and hold this thread firmly underneathi
Step 4:without piercing the fabric do loop stitch with needle 2 along vertical leg of first stitch and hold the thread.
Step 5: take out needle 1 adjacent to first stitch and hold the thread.
Step 6: make a buttonhole stitch with needle 2 and hold this thread firmly underneath

Repeat from step 1 again

Sunday, 6 March 2016

cable chain stitch

The cable chain stitch is a popular surface embroidery stitch that is worked along parallel lines or in a zigzag pattern, or along a straight line.

These lines can be marked using fabric marker or pencil

Work the stitch from right to left or left to right: Bring the needle up through the fabric at the end of the line and make a single chain stitch but do not tack it down.

Next, wrap the thread around the needle and insert the needle into the fabric a short distance from the previous exit point.

Insert the needle along the lower marked line to make a loop that is connected to the previous loop by a small stitch.

Repeat to the end of the row.