Thursday, 6 October 2016

Long tail chain stitch

Long tail chain is similar to Lazy daisy stitch. the only difference is that this has a long tie. This is one versatile stitch which can be plain, beaded or whipped.

Long tail chain can be used in flower motifs, leaves and goes as your creativity...

Step 1
Pull the needle out of your fabric

Step 2
 Insert the needle back at the point where it emerged and take out the needle upwards along a straight line as shown in the picture.

Step 3
Wrap the thread under needle making a loop similar to chain stitch
the only difference is that, instead making a tie, you are going to make  a long arm stitch on a straight line.

Step 4
In this illustration , before making a long arm , I have added some beads.

A single stitch is called Long tail chain stitch.. Repeat the steps to make flowers, leaves etc..

Feathered chain stitch

Feathered chain stitch is a beautiful decorative stitch, a hybrid of feather stitch and long tailed daisy.
This can be used to embroider leaf vines and borders.
The stitch is worked from left to right in a zig - zag pattern. To be simple, long tailed daisy is worked as if working a feathered stitch.
Feathered chain stitch is a highly textured stitch, so can be used for bands and borders.

After several trial and error , I found this easy way of stitching.

1. Using a marker draw four basic lines at equal intervals. Make a zig - zag pattern between the middle two lines as illustrated.
step 1
so the basic pattern for the stitch is a zig- zag pattern with outline on both the sides.

2. Do a long tailed daisy from the outer line along the zig- zag pattern.

long tailed daisy - start a chain stitch and finish it with an extended tail.
step 3
step 2

3.The next daisy tail is angled about 45 degrees.
step 4
step 5
step 6

4. Continue stitches along the zig zag pattern.
The final pattern looks like this
             I did an overlay against the baseline