Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Fancy herringbone stitch - Herringbone stitch variation 3

  Fancy herringbone stitch  is an ornamental stitch which is worked in more than one colour.  It is worked in spaced multiple rows, using a carefully selected range of colours. To work this stitch neatly and keep the row straight, choose an even-weave fabric and count the threads, or mark parallel guidelines on the plain-weave fabric .   

   Work each row in three journeys. 

 Step  1

  Begin by making a foundation row of ordinary herringbone stitches.  Space the stitches quite widely apart, as shown. 

  Step 2

            Work cross stitches over the top and bottom crosses of the herringbone row. 

 Step 3

            Interlacing  the stitches.

            Make sure that the vertical bar  is worked first (like the tied herringbone stitch), then cross it with the horizontal bar. lace a thread from left to right through the horizontal bars of  cross stitches without picking up the fabric