Saturday, 3 June 2017

Herringbone stitch variation 1

Herringbone stitch is worked between  two parallel  lines.This  is one kind of its variation. This stitch is great to work floral designs and border patterns. you can use this as a very attractive and adequate filling stitch. When you are filling a design with herringbone stitch make sure that you are placing the stitches  very close to each other and placing gap between stitches gives different effect.

             Working left to right, bring the needle up through the fabric at the lower left  (point 1) and work  a stitch diagonally to the upper right (point 2)
             Bring the needle up again one step down of the insertion hole (point 3) and then work a stitch diagonally to the lower right (point 4)

        Take the needle diagonally  one step upwards with the thread lying under the needle as shown in the pic at point 5

 The stitch patterrn finally looks like this.

Happy stitching!!!!!